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Donation Drop Off Locations Directory is the best resource on the web to find charities that will accept donations in your area. Our directory will show you donation bins, donation centers and donation sites in your area. You choose the charity. All of the charities in our donation drop off directory offer tax deduction receipts for your donations.


We've compiled a list of all the Goodwill donation centers, Salvation Army donation centers, and donation centers for almost every charity! These donation centers are usually facilities run by a charity. The donation center will most likely take larger donations too. If there is a donation center near your neighborhood, you can find it using our Donation Drop Off directory.


Many charities have placed donation boxes in offices and schools. A donation box is a great tool for clothing drives. You can find a donation box near your home by using our Donation Drop Off directory.


Donation sites can refer to a "donation website" as well as large donation sites where people can leave donations. A lot of times they refer to donation sites as thrift store donation drop off locations. For a list of donations sites, please use our Donation Drop Off directory.


Donation bins are usually enclosed donation containers that are placed in public places. You will typically find donation bins in shopping center parking lots, near public transit stops, and many other public places. These donation bins are un-manned charity donation places where people can leave their donations. Find a donation bin near you using the Donation Drop Off directory.

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